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The process of laser scanning a building or site and using the data to create an intelligent "digital twin" of your building or site is called Scan-to-BIM.

The resulting Building Information Model is an accurate digital copy that reflects measurement, asset locations, infrastructure characteristics, and many other facets of a site's current conditions.

SOH has partnered with BIM modeling specialists Lanmar Services, an Austin, Texas-based technology company using advanced hardware and software to continually push the boundaries of BIM modeling efficiency for their clients.

More and more government entities, building owners, and private industry are requiring BIM models that will provide the basis of their management and maintenance building data now and into the future.

Top right: Rooftop MEP equipment scheduled for replacement. The contractor is using the BIM model for fabrication and measurement


Lower right: SOH scanned the interior and exterior of this 40,000 sq ft Kamehameha Schools / Kapalama building using mobile and terrestrial scanners, all tied to local coordinates. Lanmar converted all into this beautiful 3D Revit model.





SOH workflow to successful scan-to-BIM

One advantage SOH brings to its laser scanning jobs is its surveying expertise. SOH surveyors have worked in some of the toughest environments in Hawaii. Their experience can make any SOH documentation projects survey grade, alleviating concerns over the reliability of location information.

SOH owns, operates, and maintains what are generally considered some of the best laser scanners and software solutions on the market today. From the latest mobile scanners that can accurately capture  50,000 square feet a day of interior and exterior space, to an array of incredibly fast and accurate terrestrial scanners, SOH has your scan-to-BIM digital capture needs covered.

SOH turns point clouds and 360° high-resolution images over to Lanmar Services. Due to SOH's ability to allow viewing of the project's images through a secure web browser, Lanmar can use the point clouds as a basis for design and images for fine tuning or further clarification.

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