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(Above) As the Prime consultant, SOH conducted an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey of Prince Resorts Hawaii Properties which included the Hawaii Prince Hotel, Waikiki, the Hawaii Prince Golf Course, the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and Golf Course, and the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and Golf Course. Total area for the 6 major properties was 1,773 acres.The project  demonstrated SOH capability to successfully complete a large ALTA survey with complex logistics in outer island rural undeveloped areas and golf courses, resort land, and congested Oahu urban areas. Of particular relevance was the Prince Hotel property in Waikīkī; a highly trafficked urban area between Hawaii's major tourist destination and Ala Moana Center. All survey work had to be completed with no disruption to the activities of these major properties.

As a 61-year old company, SOH has amassed a large archive of Hawai‘i survey information. SOH was involved with the 1987 State of Hawai‘i Land Court Consolidation
affecting the land where the Waikiki Prince Resort now stands. This archive provided important context for the client, saving considerable time and effort. For any Hawai‘i survey project, this access to company archives can be an incredible advantage.

"This was a huge surveying project with strict time constraints. Hirota took exceptional steps to meet the time deadlines and produced a finished work product that was acceptable to all parties involved in the transaction. Hirota's professionalism and willingness to accommodate our desires were outstanding and I would highly recommend Hirota for future surveying
work." David Tongg, Kobayashi, Sugita, & Goda LLP


High resolution aerial imagery can prove of inestimable value when surveying large areas. Here, a golf course is surrounded by a new housing development on Hawaii Island.

Conducting an ALTA survey involves several steps to ensure accuracy and compliance with the American Land Title Association (ALTA) /National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) latest standard, "Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys," which was adopted in 2021.

  • Preparation and Research:

    • Define the scope of work with the client.

    • Research property records, deeds, plats, easements, and other relevant documents.

    • Determine survey requirements based on the purpose, location, and local regulations.

  • Field Work:

    • Mobilize the survey team to the site.

    • Conduct field measurements using SOH-owned and maintained surveying equipment such as GPS, total stations, and laser scanners.

    • Locate and document physical features such as property boundaries, improvements, easements, utilities, and topographic features.

    • Verify or establish survey control points for accurate georeferencing.

  • Data Compilation and Analysis:

    • Process field data to create a preliminary survey map.

    • Analyze the collected data against property records and other relevant information to ensure consistency.

  • Drafting and Mapping:

    • Prepare a draft of the ALTA survey map incorporating all relevant data and information.

    • Ensure that the map complies with ALTA/NSPS standards and local regulations.

  • Review and Revisions:

    • Review the draft survey map internally for accuracy and completeness.

    • Revise the map as needed to correct errors or incorporate additional information.

  • Finalization and Certification:

    • Finalize the ALTA survey map based on the reviewed draft.

    • Certify the final survey map in accordance with ALTA/NSPS standards, including any required stamps, seals, or signatures.

  • Delivery and Documentation:

    • Deliver the final ALTA survey map and associated documents to the client.

    • Ensure that the client understands the survey findings and can use the information for their intended purpose.

SOH ALTA Surveys

Hickam AFB                          

Kona Village                          

Kuhio Park Terrace                            

Galbraith Rose Acre Farms                             

Wahiawa Lot 370                 

Airport Center                        

Whitmore Village                 

Ft Shafter, Aliamanu, Schofield Barracks       

FHB East Manoa Rd ALTA & Topo Survey                             

Hapuna Lots 1 & 2                          

Hapuna Subdivision Lots 1 & 2                     

Artspace ALTA Survey/Elevation Certificate                      

Nuuanu Hale Hospital                     

Nuuanu Hale Hospital                      

Liliha Healthcare Center                  

Office Depot, Lihue                            

Office Depot, Wailuku ALTA/NSPS Survey                          

Mauna Lani Resort                               

35 N. Kukui Street, Kukui Tower

Mauna Lani Hotel

Na Pua Makani Wind, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey           

AES Waiawa PH2 Solar-ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

AES Waiawa PH2 As-Built Survey, Controls, Easements

AES Waiawa Phase 2 Utility Easements             

AES Mamalahoa ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey                

Lot 1G Kauai ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey                        

Marconi Point Condominiums ALTA Survey                       

Nuuanu Hale, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey                     

Kaloko Heights Affordable Housing Subdivision, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey                            

Keahole FBO I Lease Areas ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey  

Crouching Lion ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey                  

Pitbull Properties, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

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