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Within just the past ten years, the firm has completed over 2,000 land surveying and mapping projects with services ranging from topographic surveys and utility mapping for planning studies, to property boundary and aerial LiDAR surveys, to hundreds of miles of precision leveling work for the US Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation.

Survey types:

Other Surveying and Mapping services:

  • Land parcel, cadastral, and easement mapping and legal description writing

  • Real property transactions

  • Planning studies

  • Transportation projects

  • municipal infrastructure improvements

  • land development and resource management​

State of Hawaii-specific capabilities include:

  • Land Court system

  • File Plan system

  • Bureau of Conveyance recordation

  • Shoreline certification

  • ​By partnering with specialist in their field, SOH is also able to provide highly specialized surveys which include:

    • aerial LiDAR and photogrammetry

    • terrestrial photogrammetry

    • hydrographic surveying

Specialized experience

  • Setting / recovering Primary Airport Control Stations and Secondary Control Stations (PACS and SACS)

  • Setting / measuring survey targets for geospatially locating laser scanning projects

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