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3D Capture of Honolulu


SOH set out to test the capabilities of its new Riegl VZ 600i scanner on the streets of Honolulu. Utilizing "Stop and Go" techniques, scanning technicians captured almost 600 separate scan positions over the course of two 5-hour scanning days. This works out to about one minute per scan position.

Equally impressive as the speed of capture were the following facts:

- all scans were geospatially located to approximately 2-5 centimeters thanks to the internal Riegl GNSS receiver and the SOH base station feeding RTK corrections to the 600i

- Three 600i internal cameras captured 36 images per scan position simultaneously with the scan, allowing full color data

- As seen in the video below, Riegl's premiere processing software, RiScan Pro, can remove most of the moving objects in the scans

Honolulu - 3D Documentation

Honolulu - 3D Documentation

Play Video

Above is a short, edited video created from Riegl's RiScan Pro processing software.

Use Cases

  • Planning

  • Street surveys to include signage, traffic lights, accessibility studies, and more

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